visual design, strategy, & experiments

Bayview Smoking Cessation

Johns Hopkins' Bayview campus has a higher incidence of smoking among its patients and staff than Maryland or United States. They have pursued several strategies to make Bayview a smoke-free campus, and turned to the Center for Social Design at MICA to develop creative ideas for smoking cessation using behavioral psychology. 

As part of this semester-long social design project, I worked with a small team of students to research and design solutions that will encourage smoking cessation at Bayview. We presented user research through infographics, and developed a holistic strategy to reposition "quitter" as a positive identity on the hospital campus. We proposed the creation of specially privileged "quit zones," in opposition to smoking zones, buttons to wear that mark someone as part of the quitter program to others, rewards that advance with number of days and tries to quit, and overall celebration and social connection of people who are working on quitting smoking. Our proposals are moving forward in testing at Johns Hopkins Bayview.