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Christo Award Catalog

The Christo & Jeanne-Claude Award was created by the New York Abu Dhabi Institute and the artist Christo himself, with support from the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation. The award seeks to nurture artistic talent in the UAE by supporting the production of public artworks created by students.

In its first year, I designed the branding of the information and application forms, and the final exhibition booklet and surrounding promotional materials to accompany the opening and display of the winning piece. The design had to look consistent and read well in both English and Arabic, as well as be unique but still continuous with NYUAD Institute branding.

In the second year, I actually won the award, and to accompany the traveling exhibition of the Abjad sculptures, I designed a catalog telling the story of the alphabet development and building the sculptures. Like the previous brand, this booklet is an exercise in bilingual layout and design.