visual design, strategy, & experiments


Dinamene Show Collateral 

Creating the design and advertising for an original play, performed at the first New York University Abu Dhabi Capstone Festival, involved intense collaboration with the playwright, director, dramaturg, and actors to create something that truly expressed the ideas behind the play, while still capturing the interest of its audience. After creating original artwork that nodded to the historical and psychological roots of the play, I applied it to banners, posters, playbills, and book covers.


Abu Dhabi, 2014

Freelance Project

Thousands of women belonging to Yazidi and other non-Muslim minority groups are treated as spoils of war and are trapped in slavery by members of the Islamic State. Narin's Kit is a toolbox of items and information that can facilitate the escape of these girls and women. With tools based on the real stories of the few who have escaped, these kits can be delivered by the airstrike drones operating over Islamic State-controlled territory. When one of these endangered girls finds the kit, it will warmly encourage and equip her to escape.

At the time of this project's creation, no aid organizations focused on rescue efforts for these women.