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Graphical Abstracts

Graphical Abstracts

Graphical abstracts are newly required by Cell and its associated journals to be included as part of every paper published. The first one was published in Cell, 2015, for paper Circadian Rhythms in Rho1 Activity Regulate Neuronal Plasticity and Network Hierarchy. 

The next five were created as classwork for Advanced Neuroscience.  (1) Evidence for Addiction-like Behavior in the Rat. (2) Coupled oscillators control morning and evening locomotor behaviour of Drosophila. (3) Neuromodulatory State and Sex Specify Alternative Behaviors through Antagonistic Synaptic Pathways in C. elegans. (4) Dopamine neurons modulate neural encoding and expression of depression-related behaviour.  (5) Functional identification of an aggression locus in the mouse hypothalamus


United Arab Emirates, 2014

Classwork for Advanced Neurosicence